($7) Loss
BLNKLong Stock

Entry comments: Virgin trader error - thought I was in paper trade account. Nope it was a real purchase and I was not looking at market today. I hope it does not fall out of bed tonight. Looks like it holding steady and I will need to move in morning ASAP. Purchased because it was moving up at end of day and it has a history of up first thing, then bounce. It did it today and hopefully it will do it tomorrow am.

Exit comments: Small price to pay for mistake. Thank goodness. Account down a total of $9 including commissions. I sold almost at high for day so feel like I recovered nicely. Also did not take one of my daily trades, but would have made more if solved the problem yesterday. I had to trade blindly at work - not able to get to stockstotrade to know where I was in the market, but my instinct for the highest $$ to be found at beginning of day (for BLNK) proved to be true.


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