Entry comments: Bought NEPT and averaged down at 10-10:30am on a multi month breakout, stuffed right at the multi year breakout at 3.59 in an ABCD. Catalyst: contract with cannabis growth, risking 3, looking for it to test 3.59

Exit comments: Help Over Night, sold half into morning pop to 4 at avg of 19.6% profit, took a small chunk off at 19.9% late morning, was looking toppy for now, cleaned everything while holding last 42% of trade. Had to go to work right as it looked like it was about to break 3.80 resistance, set sell order for 3.97 for 1/4 just incase and a stop at 3.55, got to work and sold last 17% of trade at 4.19, it was too good not to, ran to 4.64 into the close


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  • Position Size200
  • Percentage22.71%
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