All July Cobra trades


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Lx888Aug 11, 10:10 AM

I see you trade lot less and focus on the best set ups.

PaulAnthonyAug 11, 1:15 PM

looks like CVSI was a short, what about the others?

KeepStudying101Aug 11, 3:43 PM

impressive! i see that you don't get much percentage on a stock. its like you get 40 to 90 cent on a stock and your out.

KeepStudying101Aug 11, 3:47 PM

I'm always trying to get the total profit move on a stock. seeing your profits, its better if i just go for a few cents on the dollar. thats how i can stay more profitable. Trying to capture the whole move isn't working for me

HagenAug 18, 3:13 PM

Thanks for posting this. Would be awesome to know the time you entered and exiting. So I could understand your thought process more.

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