($365) Loss
PURAShort Stock

Entry comments: I planned to go long on this one because of positive news. Instead, I went short because of the opening market moves. What an idiot I am this morning. In damage control mode now....

Exit comments: being in damage control mode is never fun. However, I did take a potential $600 loss and turned it into a $350-ish loss. Not a fun trade, but a lesson learned. And in that sense, i still profited. Friday was a big green to small red day. Historically, for this stock, that means a big red day is coming up. Before the market ended on Friday, I loaded up 10,000 short @ .1285, over the weekend. Looking forward to Monday. Until then, I'm going to spend some Q/T with family and friends.


  • Total Views58
  • Position Size10,000
  • Percentage-38.02%
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