$45 Profit
HSGXLong Stock

Entry comments: Bought this stock a/h that Tim mentioned for 4 reasons. First being it is a hot pattern right now that has spiked stocks like VTVT and ALT exponentially in a day, the news isn't out(as in it has not truly spread yet), there is good risk vs reward imo; risk is about .02-.03 where this thing might spike tomorrow .10-.20 so I thought that was good, and tomorrow is a Friday where stocks can spike nicely. I did not chase his alert, but came to my own conclusion about an hour later.

Exit comments: Sold into weak premarket action. Don't trust this play was going for a quicker spike in premarket. Probably getting out too soon, but will rather play it safe on a bad chart like this.


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  • Position Size3,000
  • Percentage2.56%
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