Entry comments: Straight from watchlist except today it's not only up in a tough market, there was also a PR from their promoter which could signal a re-pump is coming which would be great given how fast we know this can spike when Goldman gets behind it again so let's all pray for this promoter to do his job! Small $ position. of just $7,000 due to nasty overall market risk

Exit comments: Small loss on weird price action, I'll do video lesson, small losses are fine though, just be safe in this market


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Lumin8Nov 20, 18 3:36 PM

Thanks and

ricci8Nov 20, 18 3:52 PM

Hey Tim how you doing I've been watching all your DVDs spikeability ,how to make millions all the video lessons and I heard Tim grittani and you talk about promoters and all through the DVDs you haven't mentioned any of the promoters and now here is Pura with a promoter and I can't figure how to find a promoter can you help me build a list of promoter please I'm trying so hard to start in the stock market

jaymeNov 21, 18 12:10 AM

Thanks Tim. I bought 10,000 at. 1027. My first live trade using StocksToTrade and decided to hold over night. Yes fingers crossed promoter does his job. Thank you again for all your hard work. :)

aleonNov 21, 18 8:08 AM


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