Entry comments: I bought this OTC again on its probable strong first green day, it got up to 1.70ish, I would love to sell it there tomorrow into a gap up or morning spike given the contract news is meaningful for such a speculative stock and good signs that the overall markets have come back so much today now, possible triple bottom in place

Exit comments: Nice little overnight gain, nothing huge, but I'll take it every time as the contract news got some new buyers in overnight and maybe it has a delayed morning spike again like yesterday, but I'll take my roughly $2k profit and not be greedy here


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CBlumenthalDec 06, 18 3:47 PM

Watching Learning MMP Good lick Tim

NubrassDec 07, 18 10:16 AM

Nice - thanks for all your work Tim. I really do appreciate it. My hope is to one day convert from my traveling job (where I'm away from my family) to something more based at home. So I can be with me Wife, Son and aging Mother. * My Faher passed last year so that has been my catalyst.

TbearDec 07, 18 11:09 AM

I saw it and missed it, working a job sometimes gets in the way, but never giving up and still studying!

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