$18 Profit
CANNLong Stock

Entry comments: Bought some of this 1st green day weed stock. Liked this one best bc of ability to run in the past for multiple days and it was the best looking chart w/ volume. Missed it early bc I was out, but noticed it when it popped on volume at 3:30. Had to make the trade mobile so to lower risk I bought small position right into the close. Goal break/retest HOD. Risk any weak g/r or gap down.

Exit comments: Was scared about the overall market being weak after the AAPL news, and also this stock barley gapped up so I wanted to play it EXTRA safe. Got out asap and basically was break-even after commissions. I would rather be safe than speculative in this market and just wait for another setup that is better while preserving my capital. Stock just went g/r as I type so good idea to sell it looks like. Always protect and play it safe.


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