Entry comments: I re-bought this first green day spiker since it's holding near its highs and actually just made a new day high in the 6.80s before coming down as it's a bit over-extended, I'm looking to sell in afterhours, or tomorrow on a gap up or morning spike in high 6s or even low 7s, smaller position then before just because it's run a lot and I also don't trust the overall market despite its solid price action today....be safe still, no time to be too aggressive overnight

Exit comments: No gap up, no problem, rule #1 cut losses quickly, no biggie and I'm just protecting myself on a choppy stock after a big gain yesterday...potential dip buy now instead


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  • Position Size5,500
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juantradeJan 09, 3:56 AM

isnt it over extended to buy?

amili2046Jan 09, 5:34 PM

Question - how did you manage to get out at $6.55 as it fell almost $0.50 a share in one minute. Did you have a hard stop market order?

juantradeJan 10, 6:06 AM

u prolydont wanto hear form me amil but I think he says he doesnt do hard marjet stops, coz market makers try to fake them out

amili2046Jan 10, 7:24 AM

@juantrade exactly, but if you don't lose your stop loss I'm wondering how he was able to sell at that price as the price dropped incredibly has and 6.55 was the HOD.

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