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0211 nh, a real disaster… should I get rid of nh. If I keep hitting on those nh, I can lose a lot. So now, I only have p for now. These days, many nh do not work and they make it too much. 10:07 nh is just a disaster when it is not working. I open myself too much for losses. maybe i am only good with pullback. it is conservative. with nh, it is bad when i have to deal with one pump and dump. too hard on

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KBlocFeb 11, 5:52 PM

me. 10:15 i somehow see that my pullbacks are ok for me. again, i do poorly with nh. In day trading, it is always a disaster. even in swing trade, i only do well with pullback. I am still at the red. maybe i am only good with pullback.

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