I saw this up w/volume Premarket& I knew it ran up a little a/h yesterday+its a low float w/a recent R/S & it had put out news + its a former Spiker, so i knew this could go I bought 200 shares at 2.64 when i saw it start perking& i wanted to be patient I also wanted to add It soon ramped up and seemed to triple top around 3.1 at the 3rd top i tried to sell but bought 200more then it broke to new highs& i realized i was still in&immidiately sold at 3.15 I shouldve held 100shares to be patient w/


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BigMike92Mar 08, 19 2:13 PM

Nice 10% gain! Not too shabby!

Jakestocks52Mar 08, 19 5:02 PM

@BigMike92 thank you, i'm still working on my patience, i knew this could go a lot higher (and it went to 4.20) but i'm still getting used to being in plays longer and seeing the bigger picture, plus i've been losing more often and i was really tryna leave with a profit and after i held thru those big dips, i was ready to be out lol

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