$500 Profit
BOXLShort Stock

shorted on sike. It doesn't usually hold it's a spike.

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Yagya0liMar 14, 7:05 PM

Hey i am new and interested in trading. Can you tell me which software and brokers is best for day tradings? Thank you Your help will be highly appriciates

Hermes_BMar 14, 8:04 PM

Hi Welcome on board. I don't have much experience either. I have been trading only 2 years for part time trading. I use Etrade for my day trading. I didn't try any other brokerage. I watched one Tim's video about brokerage reviews. That might help you a lot. I will look it up and send you yhe link. So far my Etrade is doing well except sometimes hard to find stock to short. Thank you for your question and Good luck for your trading and learning

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