($84) Loss
ADMALong Stock

I was really confident in this one. It checked all of the key indicators. Had news of FDA Approval. I bought it on a dip from the HIGH of $ 6.90's p/m and had solid support in the low $5.80's ( P/M Lows). It never crossed $6.00 in the 5 minutes I had it. Thank goodness I cut losses quickly, because it had a low of $5.12 and right now it's in the $5.20's. AVEO went from $1.20 to $1.53 from 10:33 to 11:33 am and reached a High in the $1.80's and is NOW at $1.76 as of 2:55 pm. (Better Trade)


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  • Position Size400
  • Percentage-3.51%


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