$15 Profit
GOGOLong Stock

Entry comments: Big float company that gap up few days ago and up trended higher today plan is for it to regain previews high by market open and possibly continue to move throughout the day. key Support level at 5.08 that was already tested couple of times after hours is holding decent. there is news of a 900m offering, plus a "good earnings report" but that is in May. Goal is to make .50 cents but there is a bit of resistance at 5.50. would be up early to see how it reacts.

Exit comments: Ran out time to wait for market open and got out as soon as there was an opportunity and took small gains. Goal was to get out at 5.50 but sometimes you have to get out before things turn ugly. -10 for commissions


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pejosegApr 18, 8:40 AM

that moment you took the top with out even trying. :|

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