Entry comments: Bought 30k shares as near all time low, on 2 news positive catalyst released on Wed and Thursday following a Tuesday Warrant issuance SEC filing. Taking a risk of news not making mainstream due to short week. Today (4/19), several tweets have gone out stating unusually-high trading volume. Look for a move Monday - Tuesday morning. Will sell if drops below $0.24.

Exit comments: Bad play on my part and will NEVER do this again on a PS. Lesson learned the hard way.


  • Total Views55
  • Position Size30,000
  • Percentage-25%
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joeygApr 19, 11:44 PM

after more studying, need to get out on Monday even if it doesn't move. The weekend should provide the time for the hype to get out.

joeygApr 23, 6:29 PM

Still nothing changed today, shows down $1,149 but took as long theory of rebound, which is high risk with Penny Stock. If this were to drop below $0.24, I would sell fast as that is my limit. As long as there is no negative movement, I'll continue to hold.

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