Entry comments: I wasn't going to have anything long, but thanks to my chatroom for the tip on this first green day on a former runner with solid news/uptrending all day and a history of multi-day spikes, goal is to make 10-20% into overnight gap up and possible morning spike tomorrow too, what do you know, my chatroom CAN be useful, good eyes here guys~but notice my small $ position size as I don't like such low priced plays, prefer KBLB-type plays, but I won't chase that now

Exit comments: Solid little gain here, no day trade user, onto the next, perfect first green day


  • Total Views671
  • Position Size145,000
  • Percentage18.33%
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Hnichols45May 13, 3:55 PM

I literally just sold, had the same thoughts, but you’ve been screaming don’t hold overnight, and now you’ve bought and everyone else has bought and I missed the move. SUPER FRUSTRATED

BGoddardMay 13, 4:18 PM

Watching and leaning

thughes3May 13, 4:57 PM

More and more lately I find myself getting into OTC's only to have you buy them after :) studying pays

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