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CVSILong Stock

Entry comments: Entry comments: With Sykes on this one. Higher float than would like (87.19), but good news deal with Kroger. Nice first green day. Overall market steady. [Firstrade]

Exit comments: Ugh, broke down but I waited a few for a quick bounce for exiting, but I set my limit order at 4.65 and didn't know if I do an edit that the edit does not cancel the old order until I confirm the edit, so it executed at 4.68 which was .01 below my mental stop loss. Still learning my brokerage accounts, as each account has it's own feel & flow. Not terrible, but was this the right move? Damn fast movers when b/d. Anyway out. Perhaps vwap should've been my mental stop loss? [Firstrade]

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2TheMoonJun 12, 3:12 PM

Nice volume just came in, gonna hold for a little longer, don't plan to hold o/n.

2TheMoonJun 12, 3:17 PM

The only way I can learn from experience is jumping in and getting a feel of these moves.

2TheMoonJun 12, 3:18 PM

Mental stop loss 4.69

2TheMoonJun 12, 3:36 PM

Kroger expansion, not deal [correction]

2TheMoonJun 12, 3:39 PM

Overall minor gains and losses maintain account while catching the bigger plays.

2TheMoonJun 12, 3:52 PM

Good news, I cut my losses before Tim, as I felt it was weakening. So that is a good sign I'm on the right track with focus and discipline in positions. This is big for me because back in the day I used to let my losers run.

2TheMoonJun 12, 3:53 PM

Trading Tim Alerts occasionally but more for the practice of it. No major gains coming out of this, just practice, practice, practice, till this stuff starts clicking.

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