Woot!! Single best trading ever.... Started buying around 10am after the breakout confirmed with the volume spike and price action. Decided to re-enter and exit using Oracle #stockstotrade which was super helpful in determining my entries and exits. The world disappeared yesterday while I was in this stock, glued to the screen I felt like Tom Cruise in Minority Report minus the looks, the body and the wage packet :)


  • Total Views367
  • Position Size274,272
  • Percentage4.66%
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michaelkayJul 11, 19 9:52 PM

big balls going in with this massive of a position. Wow good profits tho jesus. Just remember singles not home runs

GriffJul 12, 19 5:52 AM

Hi Michael, don't be misguided by Profitly's "average" entry and "total" volume calculations. Profitly takes all the entries and provides a view of a single average entry and exit. The fact is I traded this ticker multiple times through the day. I wish Profitly would show all the ins and outs when it downloads.

robertfireOct 27, 19 3:30 AM

Got it! What was your average size?

GriffOct 27, 19 9:11 AM

@robertfire Hey Robert, I dont recall anymore. I’ll look it up in a little while for you.

GriffOct 27, 19 10:45 AM

@robertfire take a look at the replaced graphic. I added two charts, the left shows you. size of buys and the right shows you the transactions as they happened in chronological order. Does that help?

GriffOct 27, 19 10:48 AM

@robertfire Its interesting that your question and my subsequent download of the transactions further highlights that when a trade has many ins and outs the averaging process within Profitly doesn't serve an accurate final profit or loss. In this case the total profit was $80,862.67 not $75,844 as Profitly states. This is down to the averaging process. Anyway, hope this helped, let me know/

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