Entry comments: I rebought on a massive dip, normally I would stay away, but looks to have solid buying/support in the .30s so limited downside risk now after such a big drop, goal is to sell in the .40s or .50s, definitely will not hold overnight, but could bounce a bit now, small $ position though given this is a speculative trade and this stock can move fast

Exit comments: Nice little midday bounce, I won't get greedy as my goals have been hit...I didn't catch the exact bottom at .30ish and its up to .47 now, but tough spread between the bid/ask, tough overall market environment and speculative pattern means I play it safe, nice little single here


  • Total Views593
  • Position Size10,000
  • Percentage18.42%
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kelii1318Aug 12, 12:55 PM

Awesome play Tim! Thanks so much for sharing the insight!

nicrabunAug 12, 1:15 PM

Very nice catch... So far I've just been sitting on my hands today

AndrewComAug 12, 1:44 PM

Really surprised about this trade for different reasons, no volume, midday, you shouldn't even have looked at it at 12:30pm, seems more a revenge trade that worked well but not something to teach or alert imo.

collierAug 13, 9:18 AM

I wanted to see the chart but for some reason it is not coming up on Stocks to Trade? I am a newbe what am I missing? Thanks

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