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SMSILong Stock

Bought and held small position over the weekend as it briefly broke out of its recent resistance and was closing near it's highs. Very small gap up with light volume at the open slowly spiking. I failed to take my profits on a decent 2nd spike into the 6.80's and I sold once it dropped all the way back down to my entry price and had a little bounce. TAKE YOUR PROFITS, DON'T TURN AN OVER NIGHT TRADE INTO A LONGER TERM SWING W/O HUGE VOLUME AND PRICE ACTION.


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LIteworkAug 19, 19 6:22 PM

We think alike i traded this on the morning breakout with 4 shares instead of the 5 lol!

TommyVAug 21, 19 11:42 AM

I just checked out some of your previous trades. If I could give you any advice it would be to get your risk set and stick to it. Your big losses are way more than your bigger wins. It took me 11 months and losing $5k after commissions to finally really set my risk. I'm just playing my $100 robinhood account and risking $1 per trade until I can show consistency for at least a month. My amount of shares is purely based on my entry price and my risk level. If I'm risking .10, my max shares is 10.

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