$650 Profit
NFLXLong Option

Bad trade. I got a good entry but the trade went against me right away. I did not cut my loss and just held and hoped. Then I sold after it came back, at the beginning of a huge dip. I could have gotten a lot more if I had held a couple of mins longer (about $3K profits) but better safe than sorry. Happy to get out of a bad trade with a nice little gain.

  • Total Views135
  • Position Size10
  • Percentage18.84%
  • Option TypePUT
  • Strike290.0
  • Expiration9/13/2019
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firstgreendaySep 11, 19 4:30 AM

I know it’s not the right thing to do but sometimes it does pay off!! Many times I’ve placed a trade and it’s bounceback after I have exited the trade!! Sometimes I wonder is it better taking a smaller position and let it ride a bit longer !!what’s your thoughts ??? Cheers Philip

AlfonsoGarciaSep 11, 19 9:17 AM

Thanks for the comment! Honestly, the more experience one has, the more s/he realizes those lucky shots are nothing compared to the cozy feeling of being consistent and in charge of each trade (whether its a winner or a loser). The saying "plan your trade, trade your plan" is spot on. If only I could live by it... Long story short, discipline beats lucky shots in the long run.

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