($15) Loss
FRANLong Stock

Entry comments: Risk to reward is if breaks down 16.29 but could squeeze to 23ish. Not ideal as I've been missing these amazing low float reverse split short squeezes with news. No major resistance and no walls of sellers up to around 23ish since the massive panic in Dec 2018 so could squeeze higher. A little risky here but going for it and watching carefully. At this point, I gotta play cause I've been literally watching every play for the last 3 days with hesitancy. [Webull]

Exit comments: I watch for 3 days then I get in too late! ugh... anyway broke down to where I said I'd sell so I cut my losses. I wasn't gonna hold into a/h or o/n. Way overextended... ugh. Just can't risk the illiquidity, especially when in red. Wide spread, so exited w/ market order. Afraid my limit order wouldn't fill, takes time to cancel & replace. Frustrating cause I literally watched for 3 days of short squeezes. My timing is terrible entering @ end of the run. This isn't the 1st time! [Webull]

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2TheMoonSep 11, 19 3:39 PM

I meant "Not ideal" in the sense that I missed earlier entries cause of work and other life stuff.

2TheMoonSep 11, 19 3:42 PM

Guy Gentile saying he's not short. I don't trust that guy ;) being careful here... scared... :-I

2TheMoonSep 11, 19 3:43 PM

My entry was a bit FOMO ugh

2TheMoonSep 11, 19 3:46 PM

I'm not holding o/n or afterhours.

2TheMoonSep 11, 19 3:53 PM

Getting close to close, need to get out soon.

2TheMoonSep 11, 19 4:00 PM

Wasn't best play but cut my losses. About .017 overall loss from my overall $850 total trading capital.

2TheMoonSep 11, 19 4:04 PM

Wondering if my cut losses should have been 10%, then I'd have that bounce to save me at EOD with a little less loss.

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