Entry comments: Small play, I think this is going to slowly recover back up near 1.80 per share. small enough position to let this ride for a bit.

Exit comments: This was a bad play and wasted too much time. averaged down over and over. I still think it could recover but I am tired of waiting on it.


  • Total Views40
  • Position Size14,000
  • Percentage6.98%
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KCWeberNov 08, 19 9:59 AM

Doesn't look like my updated comments are showing

KCWeberNov 08, 19 10:01 AM

this small play has slowly turned into a large play, I have been averaging down, Maybe a bad idea, but I totally believe that with a good press release this can easily go back over 1.00 and possibly to 1.50 Time will tell

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