$14 Profit
AGRXLong Stock

Sold half 2.22, rest at 2.15. FGD had midday dip/fakeout but it proved it could hold into a/n. I bot the r/g move on first dip when that level tested and supported. sold into strength on the first half, was looking for another leg up to sell into the next HOD. but happy I was able to get back in. smaller portion than first trade to avoid revenge mentality


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millerruth23Nov 08, 19 6:08 PM

Glad you got back in, good trade.

D22Nov 09, 19 11:23 AM

@millerruth23 thank you millerruth. First trade faked me out by a penny. Second time I let it break and Th e pullback prove it would hold. Trade worked out much better. I’d almost say a better entry could’ve been into the all day consolidation thru the vwap perk after it held for many hours. Shorts back under water and the long it holds the more impatient they get. Overall not a bad trade, and smaller size so wasn’t revenge. :)

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