-$300 Loss
TIGRLong Stock

Entry comments: I bough this potential earnings winner spiking premarket as this is a former supernova that could respike again, especially since it's in the brokerage industry which should be hot today given TD Ameritrade being bought by Schwab. goal is to make 10-20% before 10am EST on a morning spike, cut losses quickly if wrong

Exit comments: Weird executions, not being able to execute quickly, cut losses as fast as I could, will call Etrade later and figure out what went wrong here


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  • Position Size3,000
  • Percentage-2.5%
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Alex_SNov 25, 19 9:15 AM

Etrade executions have been terrible. I've been using my TD Ameritrade and it's better. I'm going to switch all my money to TD Ameritrade when I get back from India.

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