Entry comments: Another low priced runner that is closing strong with very little downtrending today, should lead to gap up and morning spike, I'd go bigger, but its a bit late in the pattern to take on any big risks despite the solid action right now, goal is to make 10-20% on the overnight hold

Exit comments: Had to take it, nearly a 10% gain, no overnight risk on an over-extended stock, just an insane market right now, I'll do premarket video lesson tomorrow recapping, but probly whole new set of morning spikers tomorrow so I'll take solid profits today and be happy


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RussellETJan 09, 3:37 PM

Very hard to learn these OTC's with the Sykes effect. The volume candle on BLOZF at 3:42-3:43 is no accident.

WindwalzerJan 10, 9:48 PM

Get in and out with a profit. You've played this ticker a number of times. It's worked well for you and you worked it well. I hope to be as good as you someday. Thank you.

RChenJun 14, 6:21 PM


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