-$150 Loss
OWCPLong Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this recent Supernova a bit off its day highs, but I like the late day uptrend, could lead to morning spike/gap up tomorrow, also watch TRTC but this has better recent multi-day spiking

Exit comments: Small loss, no overnight gap up so I'm out, small losses are fine, had I been right, the gain would've been much bigger, stay disciplined


  • Total Views578
  • Position Size50,000
  • Percentage-5.17%
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WindwalzerJan 13, 10:32 PM

I want to learn how to do these late day trades. I will be studying a lot and watching all the trades I can. Thank you so much. Even though this stock has been on a downtrend you have knowledge/practice to believe it will spike/gap up tomorrow. I will watch.

YonderJan 15, 4:35 PM

When do you decide when to cut losses during an overnight? Are you selling pre market? After market? or after the morning bell?

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