-$10 Loss
TEUMLong Stock

Entry comments: Another tiny portion size. every similar setup to $cfrx and $nakd. limited risk with potential upside of a buck from the filings research. small for now until trend proves. will explain more when I close out positions.

Exit comments: Random midday panic.....im not sure whats going on. maybe just a few days too early on idea. this might be the low of the fade now judging by the p/a of how it got there. but at this point its outside my plan and just didnt work when I thought it would. gonna need to be more disciplined moving forward, maybe swing trades arent for me. only a sample size of 3 but will evaluate moving forward


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  • Position Size200
  • Percentage-6.51%
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WindwalzerJan 20, 9:18 PM

So you got in at the end of the day 15th about 3:33 and out 16th around 12:45. Thank you.

WindwalzerJan 21, 6:34 PM

Would this chart be considered choppy?

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