$50 Profit
CNBXLong Stock

Entry comments: Even better entry than last time, probly gonna hold this overnight, goal is to sell in the .40s again

Exit comments: Couldnt get out of this into the gap up at .40ish, dropped too quick, small gain overall, annoying stock


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  • Position Size10,000
  • Percentage1.43%
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yaditzalJan 16, 3:39 PM

hi. I'm new to the group but trying to speed up. Just purchased 1400 shares of CNBX, lets see what happens.

204edoaneJan 16, 3:55 PM

Tim you think it will go to the .40’s Didn’t really test this last time Thanks for all your help Eric

204edoaneJan 17, 10:22 AM

Don’t know that you would’ve risked But did you you see the nice bounce and back up to .36. Thank You. Eric

WindwalzerJan 21, 7:19 PM

This one had a small spike in 7/2014. Then a supernova 2/2017 and some smaller spike days. This one shows what you tell up about gap ups and panic sellers. How do you get so quick to get your buttons pushed to get out before you crash?

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