Entry comments: Low priced runner spiking into the close, big multiweek breakout, wanted bigger position but it just keeps going, not sure if I'll hold overnight, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Whewww awesome big volume in the last minute into the close, I don't need overnight risk given how this stock is over-extended, just taking my single here and going


  • Total Views902
  • Position Size15,000
  • Percentage9.3%
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PhillipHamptonJan 22, 10:48 PM

That was Awesome I was looking at the same stock before you alerted it. I bought it after your alert and waited for a small pull back from the quick spike. .41 was my entry and sold it at .4379 with 2500 shares. Thank you for buying, it gave me confirmation that I was on the right track

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