$20 Profit
BLDPLong Stock

Dip bought this big cap recent multi week runner. large gap down this morning looking for the reversal and big bounce. goal was 950 where other baggies would be stuck. never got there and had trouble at the next round dollar 9. sold in two chunks when it failed to go higher and weak HOD breaks took place.


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WindwalzerJan 23, 9:39 PM

This one I can see, I think, you said the big one so that must be the second dip. Nice. Thank you again so much.

D22Jan 25, 11:55 PM

This is my bread and butter. First day was a sweet fade and dip buy if you’re able to catch the bottom like I did. Second trade was the big gap down day looking for a r/g move that didn’t come. Thought it could gap up but didn’t want to swing it. Ended up working nicely on both

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