Entry comments: FGD/Patent Extension News Yesterday/ Closed above all-time high/All-time volume. A laughable 371 shares at .452. .2 cent spread and did not want to chase. Looks like I could have slapped the bid and still been up at close. Was trying for 1800 shares. This is all for experience anyways, but man wish I had more. Looking for 15-20%, but may let it ride longer with such a small position.

Exit comments: After comish like $15 profit lol. Looks like I could have been more aggressive at .47 to buy more shares yesterday. Started the morning though with a .12 spread. While this stock had record volume, most of the volume was over just a couple candles. This was probably just a couple people buying in bulk and then volume drying up. Should have looked to see the amount of trades on the day.


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  • Position Size371
  • Percentage18.83%
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