($71) Loss
SXTCLong Stock

Dumb trade. Largest percentage loss so far. I did set a wider stop then I normally do because I felt that this news could hold power over the weekend. Probably since the stock wont see anything from the news since 2022, made it not very strong. Bought on the dip after it came back through 1, after it looked like .95 was going to hold. .9 was my stop and was stopped out after it dropped 7 cents in one tick.


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  • Position Size800
  • Percentage-9.21%


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CamDoleJan 24, 10:51 PM

The more I think about this, the more I think I should have just cut this when it failed the $1 retest. Still had over an hour before close and if I really wanted to I could have just rebought shortly before close. I feel that I am to conservative with my 3 day trades and need this to not influence me.

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