January trades, SpeedtraderPRO


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_max_99Feb 02, 2:34 AM

tim you showed the number account!

_max_99Feb 02, 2:50 AM

$208,543 in a month... ohh.. damn

wtnwinFeb 06, 1:44 AM

@_max_99 how do you calculate the net profit? The pic does not show net profit but it shows net amount of his entry. Where is his exit from the pic?

_max_99Feb 06, 4:08 AM

it's showes in the top of the trade ($201,290) I add this to the other trade Tim posted $ONCY ($9,923). In reality now I see other trades, idk how exactly he made but it's a lot ahah, (I don't use the pic anyway)

ChrisJacksonFeb 06, 12:31 PM

@wtnwin the top to bottom it appears to be. If it's a positive then below is a negative it is a bought then sold.

ChrisJacksonFeb 06, 12:32 PM

It shows the exit by the shares being a negative or a bought along with the price entered then sold and vice versa.

tedwhiteFeb 16, 10:50 PM

Hi Kroyrunner, thank you for sharing. By looking at the losses, What I dont understand is why you didnt cover a day earlier? for example APT, sold on JAN 28 at 6.24. the next day was trading at 5.13, this is over one point in profit, if you are short selling. However I see the settle date as JAN 30, where APT bounced back up over 6.50. Can someone please explain this?

kroyrunnerFeb 16, 11:13 PM

@tedwhite "trade date" is the only column that matters. negative share values are sells, positive share values are buys. so the APT trade was positive .53/share

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