$17 Profit
VXRTLong Stock

A less volatile synpathy play that I was comfortbale holding thru the day while I was at work. Had a few things going for it sector momo, p/r on corona, breakout on the daily, and a non compliance ticker. If I was at my computer all day I wouldve been in bigger size. but no sense in risking disaster so just 100shares risking a buck. sold into power hour strength. initial plan was over the weekend hold but vol and strong p/a came and no need for extra risk. can always reenter on a flush towards 1


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WindwalzerFeb 02, 6:57 PM

Did you wait to get in after it passed the pm resistance? Nice trade. Thank you .

D22Feb 02, 7:31 PM

Nope. I hate buying strength. Could’ve made a case to buy the dip off the weak open for a gap and crap reversal. But overall sector didn’t show trend yet. I let it prove it could run and breakout and bought the quick flush/washout in the morning (pullback was about 1.20 to 1.04). Thinking bigger picture move.

D22Feb 02, 7:31 PM

If I wasn’t working, and was at computer I would’ve been looking for adds to my position during midday towards a buck because trend and personal risk level was still intact. Again, sold into strength into the close when everyone is buying the HOD break. @Windwalzer

WindwalzerFeb 02, 8:58 PM

Oh yeah, I can see the open buy and the sell close to the 3:00 mark. That does make sense. I Like this. Thank you again.

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