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Kinda a stupid trade, waste of time in pre market. Pre market gainer non compliant name with MVLS price target of 2.90. still thought of risk first and had in mind but wasn’t my ideal setup. MY BAD, undisciplined, need to wait til market open until these premarket winners prove to run again


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WindwalzerFeb 04, 11:32 AM

I would have to have been up at 3 am to see the premarket, it was on the % gainers, had news, had volume. Guess it was a good one for shorts? Or is it the market makers? Thank you so much.

D22Feb 09, 2:13 PM

I knew of the potential dilution over 1.80's. thats was the risk for me. but are noncompliant and either needed to raise money or get the stock over 2.90. risk 20 cents for 70 cent reward was idea. kinda a stretch as their dilution was in the money. my bad, poor trade.

D22Feb 09, 2:14 PM

and depending on what traders you learn from @Windwalzer , like huddie for example won't short front side (for the most part). but people like dux and atiqe do short parabolic FGD's. all depends on where your edge is and what makes sense for you personally

WindwalzerFeb 09, 2:58 PM

Thank you for your time. I haven't traded, except some paper trade. I think with my schedule late day, on, or premarket for time. I'd rather be available to watch during the 9:45-11:30 time, it seems more is going on during that time span. You words of wisdom is much appreciated.

D22Feb 09, 3:24 PM

yep, just my opinion and my suggestion is to be there for at least market open and I try to watch market close as well.

D22Feb 09, 3:25 PM

most learning will take place at these time as they are period of increased volatility

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