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Dip recent hot sector name with multiday run into its first crack on first red day. Didn’t really have multiday supprt until lower 1's but lvl 2 caught. I cut and looked to readd on vol exhaust/panic selling and missed 1.26 fill (annoying) which was the right area to buy. right track unfortunate loss but followed plan


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WindwalzerFeb 04, 11:40 AM

This one had a double top (TB) yesterday. Is that a bad sign most of the time or all of the time. I know it's not and exact science, just working on my skills. First dip you bought, third dip you exited? I can see your short enter that you wanted. This is a good chart to see how you long and short (if it had worked for you). Thank you for all your time and support.

D22Feb 09, 2:24 PM

@Windwalzer theres a chart I just posted. thesis was a first red day with large gap down (usually lots of selling pressure on this day) but over extended gap downs often have some sort of bounce/pop in the morning. I cut losses quick when LOD broke, tried to fill again when next dip held and low of day crack was weak (didnt get filled). Ended up on right track as it did bounce 20cents or so.

D22Feb 09, 2:24 PM

might've been a little bit of emotion after missing the ideal bounce off 1.13 level I was looking at pre market. going forward will continue to track my longs on this day and see if theres any consistency here. pros and cons to a long this day and might need more criteria.

D22Feb 09, 2:25 PM

dip to $1 was ideal, but midday as well

WindwalzerFeb 09, 3:10 PM

Thank you for letting me see your entry and exit and the LOD .96 line and the 1.13 line of where you wanted to reenter. Your time is much appreciated. Thank you.

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