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FGD off a multiday runner. near a buck and noncompliant. solid conviction that it would work. first day its gone green dn first days its gapped up after multiple days of fade. shorts will look to cover dip buyers will look to enter.


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D22Feb 05, 10:08 PM

Goal this morning was 1k shares but LOD was 1.25 and I got in hitting the ask at 1.26. to risk 1.19 (where chart would be broken) I wasn't comfortable in the off chance I had to take the loss. was looking to sizer into more fade but it just kept running. SOLID trade and plan leading into this one

WindwalzerFeb 05, 10:24 PM

I see the fade, I'm still having problems with r/g, differences of opinion I think. It does look like a nice run up (terminology may not be correct). I like reading your plan, I have have to work on that. Thank you for your information and teaching.

D22Feb 09, 2:26 PM

r/g (red to green), g/r (green to red) in reference to previous days close. over previous close is green, below is red. @Windwalzer

D22Feb 09, 2:26 PM

nice bounce day for sure

WindwalzerFeb 09, 3:21 PM

Oh WOW, that helps a lot, I see on my chart the close (red candle) 1.19, your risk, the open red candle but 1.25, higher than the close. Candle color doesn't matter it's the price close and open that counts? I enjoy seeing your entry and exits and comparing how your chart looks to my STT chart and finding all the dips, spikes, fades, consolidations. I am feeling like I am make small improvements and understanding. Thank you again so very much for your time and teaching.!!

D22Feb 09, 3:23 PM

you'r welcome. yup candle color is irrelevant in terms of r/g, g/r. its previous day close which was 1.19. my entry was 1.26 risking 1.19

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