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FGD bounce on Multiday Runner, real company. Bot the pullback to g/r after a weak open and proved it could hold green on the day. Goal was to sell into blowoff top vs 830 res. But triple top intraday at 786 which was another res zone. Didn’t sell (a case where i wouldve like to take off a piece) but with only one share, tried to stay and sell the top. overstayed and ended break even. stupid trade management. was up $50-60/ share and didnt lock in into potential res (I mentioned in chat)


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WindwalzerFeb 06, 6:48 PM

Did you get in around 10:38 with your one share? Did you exit around noon or 2? Thank you.

D22Feb 09, 2:37 PM

Bought on the consolidation over previous days close (green on the day). first time it went green, first time shorts have a reason to cover and dip buyers can step in. back of mind target for a bounce was push through 800 where former resistance was on the daily. was over patient (only one share can't sell half or a third) ended up taking over for break even. frustrating but lesson to take profits when theyre there

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