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FGD multiday runner, non compliant, gotta hold a buck. Based over it for 3 days. Fading vol. 95% borrow rate. Corona sector. 30min vol bigger than previous days. Baggies levels up in 1.2x's. sold into strength.


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WindwalzerFeb 08, 10:56 PM

This was 7 Feb. you entered close to the bottom of the morning spike ( working on correct terminology) and exit close to the top of the spike. Would you say the "meat of the move" with the volume bars? Thank you.

D22Feb 09, 2:42 PM

@windwalzer I sold in thirds not he way up to lock in partial gains along the way into strength. dont know where the top is, so I want to sell into all the morning spike chasers. because I have a strategy and stats from backtesting I know an ideal entry and what it "should" do. so I was already in pre market with 2 cents risk on $1 . resistance up on the daily in 1.20's. and fundamentals reasons for a spike. ill post a picture of the chart for you

D22Feb 09, 2:44 PM

in terms of volume and price action at what I considered key price levels. soaking on the tape and speeding up action into potetnial stuff areas. I would say took meat of the move vey well. been waiting for this setup and stalking for multiple days. very happy with the execution of my plan

WindwalzerFeb 09, 3:33 PM

I looked at the 5 day 1min, 5 day 1 day, and the intra day chart. I Marked your entries and exits so I can study them more. Thank you this is helping me feel better about what I am studying and learning. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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