$48 Profit
GNPXLong Stock

Dip bought this recent multiday runner. couple days of fade. held 3.80 former intradaily support zone. gapped up for first time today. an area where I expect dip buyers to enter. offering priced yesterday brought in more shorts to squeeze and broker buyins coming from its big blowoff vol day. didnt know how high it would go, but sold into strength and took predictable pop


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WindwalzerFeb 21, 10:23 PM

I love seeing your chart and comparing it to the STT chart to see how and where you entered and exited. Thank you so much.

D22Feb 22, 4:13 PM

no problem. happy to help. I think I like the charts too. makes the explanation much easier as well. and good for others to look back and see

WindwalzerFeb 22, 7:59 PM

Truly, thank you for your time and sharing. I am working on becoming a penny stock trader.

WindwalzerFeb 27, 7:21 PM

This is another good one to see and understand your entry and exits. Thank you very much for your time and help.

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