($67) Loss
RAKRShort Stock

Been swinging this pump for it to break down lower into the teens to cover. This trade was taking much longer than expected and started up ticking more then I liked and with how I've been trading recently I wanted to cut my positions to have a clear head so I cut this one for loss of commisions.


  • Total Views69
  • Position Size10,000
  • Percentage-0.18%
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WindwalzerFeb 22, 6:53 PM

After your entry around the close, the stock went sideways until the 10th when you added on the morning spike, it had choppy days with some failed morning spikes (terminology?), on the 18th it did a dive and reclaim and you exited on the morning spike on the 19th. It doesn't seem to have a lot of volume, you must be used to playing these kinds of stocks. I will wait till I'm good a dip buying or supernova patterns first. Thank you for all you give.

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