($55) Loss
XAIRLong Stock

Entry comments: Swing. Hot Sector; CoronaVirus; News: Make nitrox oxide for cure. 1st attempt @ swing. Stalking this since 6's. Had good feeling, but couldn't put thesis together until last night after review of Swings. So feeling based off education. Making new highs, above ave volume, closes at/or near high, hot sector, news. Look for gap/crap B/O above VWAP & open/HOD. Small size due to risk area to give it room. RISK: Key SPT set 2 days ago, 9, will adjust as days progress. TGT: 13’s.

Exit comments: Risk breached. LESSON: Analyst day was today. Perfect example buy rumor, sell news. Also, TGT picked by analyst & should’ve chosen TGT lower. Also, put sell bracket when not @ computer cause hit TGT of 13 PM today. Again, STT order arrows off.


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