-$203 Loss
OPKLong Stock

Entry comments: Made 52 wk high during PM. Look for gap/crap B/O above VWAP/HOD or spike above VWAP & HOD. Has gap fill 3-3.30 w/big resist @ 3. RISK: LOD 2.59. TGT: 10% 3.16.

Exit comments: Risk breached. Horrible R/R. Problem was hasty plan prior to work I think. Big mover PM & yesterday, but think too much for this market. Plus, should've used VWAP as Risk, not LOD cause R/R would have been much better. Entered above HOD, but resist was too close that was set @ PM and didn't consider it 1st since goal of 10% was past that. No more hasty plans!


  • Total Views24
  • Position Size700
  • Percentage-10.07%
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