$19 Profit
AYTULong Stock

Entry comments: Day. Hot sector; China Virus, news; Test kits. Intraday: saw consolidation above VWAP, HOD 1.99. Even volume during consolidation. Risk prev day SPT 1.30. Kept shares low due to low confidence in trading in general & risk LVL. TGT 10-12% 2.04-2.08. Added 200 @ 1.86 since hang @ this LVL.

Exit comments: Greed & hope & listening to chatter. All things bad & not part of plan. PM push to 2.24, but missed cause got up after this. Plan was to sell into morning gap up, which got to 2.22. Listened to Twitter expecting 3's, so waited. Saw 1st 5 min candle red, should have sold into gap up or at least into 2d candle in 2's. Stick to plan; not other's plan.


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  • Position Size300
  • Percentage3.45%
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