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MFALong Stock

I was watching this one all premarket. Was considering to jump in at 1.95 but change the plan during the open market. It plunged to 1.95 during open panic but I want a confirmation that it still has some strength left. Thus bought at 2.36 when it broke out of its premarket open. It went to 2.56 but got halted. I planned to sell at 3 for profit and 1.92 for loss since my max loss is 4. It will look interesting if it can break 2.56 but for now, I am out at 2.11


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SpennyxyoojMar 26, 11:31 AM

I need to practice on my entrance and exit. For the morning panic play: get in, get out. Don't wait. Very volatile. Could have made better exit. Even if I get out at 2.316. it will be better than getting out at 2.11. Need to follow Rule #1 better.

SpennyxyoojMar 26, 12:45 PM

Came back up to 2.59 to the 2.60 at 11:40. Rejection at 2.65-2.67. Just got to see how far it will go at 2-3 pm CST.

SpennyxyoojMar 26, 1:45 PM

It went to 2.9 and then crash gradually.

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