-$5 Loss
DVAXLong Stock

Entry comments: Day, turned into Swing. This was supposed to be day trade, but TGT not hit & slow mover. • Gap/Crap B/O above VWAP & HOD. RISK: LOD 3.37; moved to next day LOD 3.55. TGT: 10-12% 4.01-4.08.

Exit comments: That was completely boring. Forgot the rule about selling into gap up. Wanted to sell into gap up since I had to hold overnight. It gapped up to 3.90's, but since it didn't hit my TGT, I held. Sold @ EOD even though it didn't break my risk cause I did not want to hold over weekend. It gapped up to 3.80 AHs. Lesson: 1 mil shares in a day not equal to faster moving stock. Stay away & sell @ gap up in AM even if didn't hit TGT.


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  • Percentage-1.37%
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