-$9 Loss
ACBLong Stock

Dip bought this recent runner that bounced off previous days highs. this was 3rd green day so a bit more risky/extended. but I was aware, TLRY was spiking big and making new highs, thought ACB could be sympathy it never really did much so I just took it off. small loss, tinkering and testing


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WindwalzerMar 27, 1:30 PM

Were you being patient on this one to play out the scenario you where expecting?

D22Mar 27, 4:23 PM

@Windwalzer ya. Was expecting it to follow the “sector leader” which was TLRY. But when ACB didn’t continue, I just took it off

WindwalzerMar 27, 5:12 PM

That makes a lot of sense. How do you find the sector leader? Is it you %, $, or volume? Thank you. Hope you have a good weekend.

D22Mar 27, 6:14 PM

@Windwalzer from video lessons and experience I remember a lot of tickers. These are all weed stocks. So when I see them moving I can rattle off a few from memory

WindwalzerMar 28, 9:52 PM

A lot more studying and thing to remember and practice. Thank you.

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