Entry comments: Speculative position in this recent runner. Is towards the top of the bounce and would be a short pattern but this has been coiling near the highs for the past two days. With a holiday weekend coming I think this could squeeze today. Goal is $.40, risk is $.04.

Exit comments: Sold 200 on Friday when we got the initial squeeze past the day highs of $1.95. Held 200 over the weekend and sold P/M on the gap up. Tried to hold out for market open to see if we get another squeeze higher but I think lots are selling P/M after the weekend. Couldn't hold the multi week breakout over $2.70 P/M so wasn't sure if it could have enough momo at the open. Taking a solid win and moving on.

  • Total Views18
  • Position Size400
  • Percentage24.95%
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