Entry comments: I'll bite on this speculative spiker going off on this tweet https://tim.ly/3cWkHHl and I'm buying a bit off its highs around .375 today, big volume and one of these days its gonna go Supernova again so maybe this is it, goal is to sell in the .40s or .50s, cut losses quickly if wrong

Exit comments: Can't break day highs in the .37s so I'm out, gotta be more disciplined, just trying to catch one of these Friday runners so I'm out for a scratch


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varikutistocksMay 22, 1:51 PM

I am a new bee with small amounts and my brokerage account doesn't let me do day trades.

SherrielaMay 22, 1:54 PM

The news is someone filing a lawsuit against them and it still went Supernova...why?

slim6May 22, 2:54 PM

it might spike again. it looks like a flag.

WindwalzerMay 22, 9:37 PM

Thank you, nice spike. Looks like several dips to trade off of.

Augustus_XIVMay 23, 12:19 AM

Hey Tim (I've just sub'd glad to join the fam) I've just took a quick look at the SECs... XELA might go long for a while

Augustus_XIVMay 23, 12:35 AM

Nevermind... just took another look, this is probably a dip buy stock

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